Boss launch the DD-8, revamp the classic DD-3 for 2019

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Boss launch the DD-8, revamp the classic DD-3 for 2019

The new Boss DD-3T is essentially the exact same as the DD-3 you know and love, but with the addition of tap tempo to make your life a little easier. The direct output jack has also been moved to the other side of the pedal, which I’m sure will satisfy a lot of users – let’s be real, the original decision to put it on the input side was a bit naff. It’s definitely cool to see Boss still gicing the DD-3 some love in 2019; it’s a fantastic delay pedal and sits high atop of the rankings when it comes to the company’s stompbox output. 



The DD-8, on the other hand, picks up from where the DD-7 left off (obviously), adding a whole bunch of delay modes to the compact unit to give you a wide range of time-based options. There’s now Loop modes, Analogue, Standard, Tape, Warm, Reverse and +Rv modes, the latter adding a lashing of reverb to your delayed signal, as well as Shimmer, Modulation, Warp and GLT modes.



As you would’ve probably predicted, Warp mode allows you to create hectic level and feedback swells when you hold down the footswitch, which can be used for added emphasis to accentuate the ending of a riff or song. The GLT mode offers unpredictable machine gun style glitch effects similar to those favoured by Bloc Party’s Russell Lissack, which you can hear in the demonstration video above. It’s definitely a cool feature, and we can’t wait to compare it to other models in the series soon.


Head to Boss’s Australian website to find out more.