Wampler Unveil Tumnus Boost OD Pedal

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Wampler Unveil Tumnus Boost OD Pedal


It’s designed to replicate a classic overdrive and boost, and does so at an affordable price, while hitting the mark on tone and versatility. The sweetness that the Tumnus adds to your tone means it comes in handy as an always-on pedal, adding breadth and much desired clarity with some extra treble. When in use, you’re looking at volume, treble and gain. These three knobs open up a world of possibilities, whether it’s pushing a hot amp already overdriving, or elevating a clean, brighter tone with some subtle grit. Volume-charged, the Tumnus can play loud, with unity between the volume and gain knobs creating purposeful overdrive tones, while also harnessing the guitar’s personality and tone. 


For more information, visit www.globalvintage.com.au.