Ernie Ball Music Man Modern Classics

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Ernie Ball Music Man Modern Classics


The Original MM Cutlass and Stingray guitars were designed and created in 1977. The Cutlass design was deeply rooted in style of the iconic Fender Stratocaster while the Stingray guitar shares a similar resemblance to the ever- popular Fender Jazzmaster. Both guitars were featured in the new products catalogue from 1977 through 1980.


Early in 2016 Ernie Ball Music Man will ship the Cutlass and StingRay guitars, which pay homage to the vintage styling and cosmetic appeal of Leo’s original vintage models. Updated vintage spec electronics, super smooth vintage tremolo system, and lightweight alder body are welcome refinements to these new modern renditions. Ergonomic 4+2 headstock with straight string pull for superior tuning stability and awless craftsmanship throughout make these new modern classics a perfect culmination of old world aesthetics and styling with modern craftsmanship and playability. 


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