Vertex Effects launch the Steel String Supreme pedal

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Vertex Effects launch the Steel String Supreme pedal

Famously used by John Mayer on his critically acclaimed 2006 release Continuum, the #001 Dumble Steel String Singer is deemed by many to be one of the most formidable valve amplifiers of all time, and its immense reputation has formed the basis for many a boutique copy-cat amp.


With the new Steel String Supreme, Vertex look to port this legacy onto pedalboards around the world, taking the sounds and dynamics of the famous hand-wired amp and squeezing them into a very compact, very practical stompbox. 


Featuring controls to tweak the Gain, Level, Output, Fat, Clean and Filter of the effect, the Vertex Steel String Supreme also boasts an active EQ with toggle switches for Bright/Deep and Rock/Jazz, letting you tap into a tonne of classic tones. 


Whether you’re stomping the Steel Stringer section for a smokey boost or using the Supreme channel to crank up those warm ‘Gravity’ style overdriven tones, this one’s guaranteed to land you in the ballpark.


Hear it in action below.



For more details on the Steel String Supreme, head to the Vertex website.