UPDATE: Behringer’s New Synth Is A Poly

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UPDATE: Behringer’s New Synth Is A Poly


After months of teasing the idea of creating a polyphonic analogue synth, Behringer have put those words into action after releasing their first teaser video just last week. The second teaser, though not actually showing us too much of the synth, introduced us to different musicians and producers such as Ben Wilson of DivKid, who tested the new polyphonic synth and its four diverse voices.


The third instalment has revealed that the new Behringer synth will be polyphonic, which ticks one of the boxes that fans alike were wanting answered. It seems Behringer new synth will be grabbing the attention of many more alike while building the hysteria ad hype up until their release.


Though judging from Behringer’s tactics, there will undoubtedly be much more in store for the new synth, such as the price and a release date. Judging by each individual face for those lucky enough to try it, it seems that Behringer have something big prepared. 


For more details on the range of Behringer products in Australia, head to australismusic.com.au or promusicaustralia.com.