We Can All Now Afford A Gretsch Thanks To New Streamliner Model

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We Can All Now Afford A Gretsch Thanks To New Streamliner Model


Made for ease-of-use playability, the new member to the G2420 series from Gretsch offers a less-expensive solution for guitar admirers to become apart of the family. Also offering a Vintage Select and a Players Edition, the new models are every bit a Gretsch than their relative, the Elctromatic.  


Channelling the classic Gretsch sound, the G2420 Streamliner gives a slightly garish-aged brooklyn burst appearance, with jellocasserole-esque transparent gold control knobs and chrome hardware. The look, the feel and the touch act all like it should, with beautifully round designed frets and an internal bracing to keep things neat and tidy. In line with the classic Gretsch guitar is a rosewood 24.75 inch scale and 22 medium jumbo size frets.  

An updated look, the new Streamliner boasts its retro-vintage style with a harp tailpiece – which is reminiscent of the old streamliner line, first appearing in the 50s. The relatively affordable guitar posseses an almost infinite level of versatility – from playing retro rockabilly to aggro jazz.


To find out more about Gretsch guitars visit gretsch.com.au