Three Headphones In One: Introducing Volant Sound

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Three Headphones In One: Introducing Volant Sound


Volant sound makes deciding on your next set of headphones easy; the revolutionary design allows for consumers to have a pair of In-Ear, Over-Ear and Wireless Over-Ear headphones all in one set. 


You can simply use the versatile earphones for on the go listening. The earphones have a passive noise-cancelling feature, which isolates external noise to ensure an uninterrupted experience. Now here is where it gets interesting. With the over-ear casing, simply slide up the side of the ear cup to reveal a small mount for your earphones to slot in to. By connecting the small earphones to the large headphones, audio signal is carried from your device through their patent pending nodes on the earphones into the large 40mm speakers in the over-ear headphones, giving unrivalled surround sound quality. 

Better yet, if wires aren’t your thing, you can simply use the headphones without the mounted earphones for an exceptional wireless sonic experience. 


The Volant Sound Headphones aren’t yet available, however they will be launched in a Kickstarter campaign on June 30. Watch this space.


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