The Next Generation Of Turntable Technology

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The Next Generation Of Turntable Technology


Since then, however, there’s been an influx of designs aimed at the new vinyl listened, not particularly at audiophiles. Most of these seem to want connectivity to digital audio forms, either through connecting with Spotify, allowing for ripping to MP3 from the turntable, or through easy connection to external digital sound systems. The record players below are some of the best designs we’ve seen, and could be a look into the future of turntables.



This turntable comes from the much maligned folks over at record-curation service Vnyl, and is probably the most well-connected to digital services of this list. It provides wireless streaming of your records to Bluetooth speakers, Airplay devices or Sonos system, and has clever integration with Spotify. The feature creates a playlist of the records you’re listening to on Spotify in real time and shows your friends what you’re listening to, and even allows them to tune in with your stream. It’s not the first wireless turntable released, but it does a pretty good job at connecting to Spotify if that’s what you’re after.


G. Pinto ON Turntable

An all-in-one plug and play device, the G. Pinto ON is a great device for new vinyl enthusiasts who just want to listen to their records when they get their turntable, rather than take 15 minutes to set one up themselves. The design is sleek and simple, and it features two analog and two digital inputs. It is also pretty versatile, with Bluetooth and USB connectivity.


Atmo Sfera Platterless Turntable

Of all the turntables on this list, the Atmo Sfera Platterless is definitely the biggest departure from traditional design. It’s silver and space age-y, and looks like something that could land on Mars, but the biggest departure is definitely the lack of platter. The record almost looks like its floating as it plays, and the in-built pre-amp gets rid of the need for external amplification. At the same time simple and complex, this one is the highlight of the bunch for mine.


Floating Record Vertical Turntable

This one’s for the vinyl enthusiast who wants everyone to know for certain that they’re a vinyl enthusiast. Not content with flat record players, the good folk over at Gramovox have created a turntable that has the record upright and on display in its full glory. Featuring in-built speakers and preamp, the turntable is another plug and play one.


Audio-Technica LP-60

And finally, we find ourselves with a pretty traditional looking turntable, Audio-Technica’s entry-level device. If you want a normal looking turntable with the ability to rip MP3s from your records, then this one is the go. It’s uncomplicated and simple, but it’ll get the job done at a pretty reasonable price with some digital connectivity.