The Very First Gibson Sunburst Les Paul Is Up For Sale

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The Very First Gibson Sunburst Les Paul Is Up For Sale

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For a cool US$625,000 you could own the first Gibson Les Paul in the Sunburst finish, shipped from the factory to the customer way back in 1958. It has been acquired by Carter Vintage Guitars in Nashville, where Walter Carter, who was Gibson’s historian for years, made the estimate.


The serial number of ‘8 3087’ gave away that it was the original, which was bought by a dad for his son. Apparently it was only used during the son’s high school years, and has been sitting around ever since. The original owners would no doubt be pretty happy with the price it is estimated to sell for, given it would have been bought for about $350 in 1958.


This version of the guitar was originally made as an experimental piece from 1958-1960, and is highly sought after by professional guitarists, collectors and enthusiasts alike. They have been used by rock stars including Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton and Slash.


Check out the video below to hear how ridiculously good the guitar still sounds.


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