Can This Device Make Your Crappy iPhone Earbuds Sound Decent?

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Can This Device Make Your Crappy iPhone Earbuds Sound Decent?


The BoomCloud 360 BoomStick is attempting to have its cake and eat it, providing high quality audio at a low cost in a portable casing. It claims to ‘profoundly’ transform audio for movies, music and games through bass enhancement, frequency contouring and soundfield expansion.


However, I can’t help but feel sceptical about the product. The BoomCloud 360 website offers a virtual version of the product, and all it really seems to do is boost the volume of the track. I was listening through the iPhone earbuds that the company seems to be marketing the device towards, but I personally couldn’t fathom spending US$99 on it.

What do I know though, the BoomStick has some positive reviews on some American websites, including CNN and Refinery29. They do all point to shortcomings of the device though, including the inconvenience of it in your pocket with your phone and the fact that you might just be better off buying a better pair of earbuds.


The device itself is actually pretty simple, with male and female 3.5mm connectivity at each end, and a chip inside that analyses the sound and then supposedly reproduces it sounding much better.


It is yet to see an Australian release, but if you’re super keen to ‘feel the boom’ as they put it, you can get it through the BoomCloud 360 website or find it online through American sites like Amazon.



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