TC Electronic Introduce 13 New Affordable Analogue Pedals

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TC Electronic Introduce 13 New Affordable Analogue Pedals

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Kicking off the release is the Echobrain Analogue Delay, which can spit out a wide range of delay sounds, from slapback to self-oscillating madness. The Echobrain’s digital compadre is the Prophet Digital Delay, which provides all that would be expected of a digital delay, with three delay time settings and the possibility for some serious ambience. The Skysurfer Reverb would partner these two delays well with its three reverb modes in Spring, Room and Hall.

Another of the analogue pedals in the range is the Afterglow Chorus, which is vintage style, and uses a Bucket Brigade Device in the circuit. Its modulation pals are the Blood Moon Phaser, the Tailspin Vibrato and the Thunderstorm Flanger, the latter two of which are also analogue stompboxes.

Rock and rollers will be pleased with the Grand Magus Distortion, complete with amp-like tones, natural tube compression and a tight output, whilst those who like something a little heavier haven’t been forgotten either with the Fangs Metal Distortion made just for them. Rounding out the crunchy section are the Rusty Fuzz – which is said to cover all old school fuzz needs – and the super responsive, super transparent Cinders Overdrive.

Rounding out the release are compression and boost pedals, which are nice additions to a line that seems to have everything at the basic level. The Forcefield Compressor squishes your sound smoothly, whilst the Rush Booster is a pretty simple unit with only one knob on board, Volume. They might not be feature-heavy, but these new pedals from TC Electronic could definitely be useful in a whole bunch of situations.


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