Strymon Bring A New Approach To Overdrive With The Riverside Pedal

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Strymon Bring A New Approach To Overdrive With The Riverside Pedal


Riverside is a multistage drive pedal which contains both analogue and digital technologies. It features 3-band EQ, Drive and Level controls, but that’s about where the similarity to other pedals on the market stops. The aim of this pedal was to “bring a new approach to the world of drive sounds” and, for better or for worse, that’s definitely what they’ve done.

Some of the more advanced features include the Gain switch, which can switch between High and Low gain channels, the Push switch, which allows for a mid-range boost to tighten up the response, a Favourite footswitch for saving a preset sound into, and a Presence switch, which controls the high frequency output of the pedal. An external Boost footswitch can provide up to +6db of boost and an expression pedal can be used to control “any or all” of the onboard controls.


One of the coolest parts of this pedal though is that the Boost input can be used to connect another Strymon pedal via a TRS cable. The Favourite setting saved into the other pedal can then be activated when the Favourite switch on the Riverside is pushed, meaning you wont have to dance between pedals to manipulate your sound. Strymon really seem to have pushed the envelope with this pedal, and the control that it gives the guitarist could prove to be super useful if the user takes the time to sit down and really fine-tune their sound.


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