Taylor Guitars Unveil New Guitar Care App

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Taylor Guitars Unveil New Guitar Care App

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Revealed at NAMM 2016, the free app features an intuitive guitar tuner and a multi-track recorder, giving you a powerful practice tool right in the palm of your hands. That’s not all though, the app also features a wealth of guitar care videos and support for common problems with solutions. 

However, what is truly revolutionary about the Taylor Guitars app is its partner app Taylor Sense, which will be made available as an add-on feature. Taylor Sense uses sensors to monitor the humidity, temperature and battery life of your guitar along with any potentially damaging physical impacts it suffers, and sends you alert messages when it needs care.


The most intuitive feature of Taylor Sense however is the Impact Alert. With Airlines mishandling musician’s gear being a big issue, Taylor Sense is finally catching them out in the act. While TaylorSense can’t prevent your guitar from being dropped, knocked over, or roughed up during your travels, it can let you know if it suffers a serious blow. If your guitar takes a hit, TaylorSense will notify you so you can inspect it more closely for damage. TaylorSense also records the time of the incident, which can help you identify the probable cause. Ofcourse, for all of these features to work, your Taylor Guitar will need the Taylor Sense chip installed. 


For more details, visit www.taylorguitars.com.