The Lap Skate Guitar

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The Lap Skate Guitar

lap skate guitar.jpg

This might just be the project we have been looking for. If you have an old board and a whole bunch of hardware lying around, you’re already half way to building your very own lap steel guitar.


New York sound designer Marcelo Ertorteguy is the mastermind behind the Lap Skate Guitar, the hybrid guitar that combines skateboarding and music. Constructed by up-cycling an old skateboard deck and attaching guitar hardware, the Lap Skate isn’t the most unique instrument we have ever come across, but its simplicity makes it possible for anyone to build it!


The instrument is built out of a blank wood skateboard deck, a 1/4″ input jack, an electric guitar bridge, one guitar pick-up, one volume knob, one lock nut and six tuning pegs. Although Ertorteguy’s employer, Stereotank, has already announced that the Lap Skate will not be for sale, they have been kind enough to leave us with a diagram with instructions so you can build one for yourself!


Watch the Lap Skate Guitar in action below.



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