Supro and Keeley team up to produce pedal-focused amp

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Supro and Keeley team up to produce pedal-focused amp

The little 25W monster that is the 1970RK has been purposely designed to let the pedals do the talking, and provide the best platform possible to allow that. With a preamp and two-band equaliser built specifically for gain pedals running in front of the amp to allow them to drive the amps rather large headroom, especially for something that size, combined with a transparent effects loop for all your reverb, delay or modulation needs, this combo amp is perfect for effects heavy buskers and stage performers alike.  


With a 12XA7 tube preamp to wind up via the volume knob, and a Bruce Zinky-designed cathode-biased Class A 6V6GT power amp, you can get a fair bit of juice pumping out of the CR10 speaker loaded into the cabinet. Promising ‘deep bass response with perfectly voiced highs’ this really is quite a powerful little 1×10 portable combo. 



Supro are distributed in Australia by Dynamic Music