Electro-Harmonix Announce Mod-Rex Pedal

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Electro-Harmonix Announce Mod-Rex Pedal

Boasting four different modulation effects in combining flanger, chorus, vibrato and phaser with EHX’s signature design flair and easy to understand controls, the brand new Mod-Rex is one very useful effects suite. Coupled with those, the pedal also contains tremelo and pan functions to add further shape to the original effect as well as three different filter controls and four LFO shapes to further expand the creative possibilities of this pedals output. All of these paramaters can be assigned any of the nine note length subdivisions individually. In the video below you can see how it very easily changes basic input sounds into dynamic and expansive soundscapes in a few short steps:



The tempo is controllable via the tempo dial or tap tempo on the pedal’s face, or alternatively can be synched to an external clock or controlled with an expression pedal via the EXP input. With MIDI control compatability allowing control of every parameter, including recall of any of the 100 available rewriteable preset slots as well as both stereo input and output, for this pedal only taking up one small pedal slot in your board it really is only limited in usefulness by the user’s imagination.