RØDE introduce the NT-USB Mini microphone

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RØDE introduce the NT-USB Mini microphone

Whether you’re jotting down some melodies to turn into a demo with your DAW or you’re simply looking for an easy method of podcast recording, the NT-USB Mini looks to be your best mate. Its high quality condenser capsule delivers all the warmth, clarity and presence you’d expect from a RØDE microphone, while a directional cardioid pickup pattern reduces room sound and background noice to ensure your vocals are always bang smack in the spotlight. 


The RØDE NT-USB Mini also provides nifty features such as an inbuilt pop filter, detachable magnetic desk stand and a 360-degree swing mount, making it an ideal solution for literally any user. There’s also a built in 3.5mm headphone jack with independent volume vontrols to monitor audio, while a zero-latency monitoring mode makes sure you’re not bombarded by confusing echoes when recording your ramblings. Check out all the featuers and specifications of the RØDE NT-USB Mini in action below. 



Head to the RØDE website for more information on the NT-USB Mini today.