Jackson honours Adam Blackstone with a signature Pro Series Concert Bass

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Jackson honours Adam Blackstone with a signature Pro Series Concert Bass

Jackson Adam Blackstone
Words by Mixdown staff

Blackstone has supported iconic acts from Justin Timberlake to J-Lo and his expertise has also shaped some of today’s biggest television shows including the Oscars, NBC’s “The Voice,” and the Grammy Awards.

Jackson is announcing a collaborating with Adam Blackstone – one of the most proficient bass players and one of the industry’s most sought after musical directors- honouring him with his first ever signature bass, the Adam Blackstone “Gladys” Jackson Pro Series Signature Concert Bass.

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The heart of this collaboration stems from inspiring the next generation of musicians through a powerhouse of an instrument. The Adam Blackstone “Gladys” Jackson Pro Series Signature Concert Bass features unique design elements meant to handle any stage or recording session. Blackstone joins a roster of iconic Jackson signature artists including legends like Hatebreed’s Chris Beattie, Marty Friedman, and Scott Ian.

Adam Blackstone Jackson Pro Series Signature Concert Bass

Standout specs include:

  • Custom Jackson BBE J-Style Pickups
  • Active 3-band EQ circuit
  • Matching “Dolphin” Headstock In A Unique Blackstone Sparkle Finish

Adam Blackstone

“I feel incredibly blessed to have worked with the Jackson team on bringing this model to life. When the team came to me with the idea to make a signature bass I knew I wanted to make something that was accessible, looked good, and sounded great. I think we pulled that off and more with this bass. I’ve always loved the vintage look of a dolphin headstock so I knew I wanted that shape to be incorporated into the design. I think the gold finishes tie everything together and are a great complement to the black sparkle finish. The pickups we created work for any style of music and give me that clarity and punch I’m always searching for when I pick up a bass. Whether it be Saturday Night Live or the GRAMMYS-this bass has held its own on every stage. I’m thrilled to introduce this model to a new generation of Jackson players and hope they love playing it as much as I do,” said Adam Blackstone.

For more info, visit Jackson Guitars.