MPC STEMS available now on MPC Desktop

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MPC STEMS available now on MPC Desktop

Words by Mixdown staff

Akai Professional now introduces the next chapter of sampling innovation and production powered by the groundbreaking MPC Stems bringing sampling into a new chapter. 

Akai Professional, the leaders in sampling and beat making technology changed the world of music creation with the iconic MPC platform, featuring revolutionary sampling and chopping workflows which crafted some of the most iconic records in history. 2024 sees them bringing STEMS to the table.

MPC Stems

Historic MPC Innovation

A legacy of game-changing creative power

MPC has long been the leader of creative sampling and chopping workflow for over 35 years. For decades, award-winning producers and beatmakers have relied on MPC functions like 16 levels and Note Repeat to shape the sound of leading musical genres like Rap, Hip-Hop, Pop, and R&B. Now, with Stems, users are empowered with a new tool to push the limits of musical creativity even further. Stems provide premium stem separation capability to the MPC platform. Users can seamlessly extract bass, drum, vocal, and music elements from any sample or vinyl record with the press of a button. MPC Stems enable users to unlock previously unattainable levels of creative control and take music creation to a whole new dimension.

MPC Stems Superior Sound Quality

MPC Stems are powered by the ultimate stem separation engine from zPlane, offering superior sound quality. With Stems, you can access the raw building blocks of any sample or vinyl record, isolating the DNA of any record. Producers can now manipulate the Drums, Bass, Music, and Vocals, opening new creative possibilities.

The Intuitive Stems User Interface

Supercharge the creative process.

Stems features a simple yet powerful interface. Users can immediately dive into the graphical intuitive user interface without wasting a moment of time and inspiration. In controller mode, users have full tactile control over Stems desktop, resulting in a familiar way to interact with the powerful new feature. MPC’s hardware integration provides users with a precise and fluid way to isolate stems immediately bringing stem separation into the MPC workflow, delivering speed and superior sound quality.