Phil Jones Bass introduce the Cub II amplifier

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Phil Jones Bass introduce the Cub II amplifier

The Cub II features a new amplifier design to offer a superior transient attack, greater dynamic range and a reduction in harmonic distortion, with the loudspeaker cone acceleration also being improved to highlight a wider and smoother frequency response. This new ‘Chrome Dome’ technology allows for an increase in headroom and ensures that all dynamics and nuances of your bass playing are effectively captured, regardless of whether you’re picking, plucking, slapping or thumping. 



There’s also two different channels, which can accept two instrument inputs or one microphone, while a stereo input for drum machine or mp3 player lets you practise or perform live with absolute ease. To sweeten the deal, the PJB Cub II weighs a measly seven kilograms, and even includes a soft cover for whenever you hit the road. 


Head to EGM Distribution for details on all Phil Jones Bass products in Australia.