PRS Give Us A Sneak Peak At What To Expect In 2017

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PRS Give Us A Sneak Peak At What To Expect In 2017

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The series was made famous for its efforts to bring a high-quality product to the market that could be used by profesionals and casual players alike. The maple top models that we will be seeing next year will have a new look, sound and feel – and we can’t wait.


“We sweat the details on our SE guitars the same way we do with anything else. We wanted to bring the SE ‘closer to home’ to reflect that and bring more fluidity across our product offerings,” said Jack Higginbotham, PRS Guitars President.

The SE will have a new headstock in 2017, featuring a Paul Reed Smith signature along with the SE logo in order to promote the company’s strong brand culture.


The sound of the maple top SE models will be distinctively different with new pickups that include 85/15 “S”, 245 “S”, Tremonti “S”, and Santana “S” pickups.

The new PRS 85/15”S” pickups are modeled after the 85/15 pickups Paul Smith designed for the company’s 30th Anniversary and offer remarkable clarity and extended high and low end. The SE 245 pickups will deliver clear, presentable tones but its the signature models from Mark Tremonti and Carlos Santana that are most exciting. Both of them worked exstensively with PRS to achieve the best modelling possible.


And finally, the new models will have 24-frets and a new electronic layout that will especially reflect Santana’s own guitar model. The level of detail PRS have gone into knows no bounds and we can’t wait til we get to play them ourselves! For now we wait though…


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