Propellerhead Release Reason 9

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Propellerhead Release Reason 9

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Bringing workflow improvements to an already popular software, Reason 9 focuses on helping the musician bring out their creativity and making better music. The new software comes with new player devices, pitch edit, new sounds and in addition highlights the signature Pulsar dual-channel LFO synth.

Creating three distinct MIDI tools, the player device functionality allows the use of instruments scales and chords, which lets you create complex progressions with ease. The pitch edit has always been a hit or miss with a lot of similar software, but Reason 9 brings an entirely new way to tidy up vocals placements and polish your production.


Reason 9 brings new playable sounds to the field, including 1000 new patches developed by professional sound designers to help push your creative landscape. Adding to the already impressive design is the feature of new audio to MIDI functionality. Anything recorded as a monophonic audio can be easily transformed into MIDI with ease.


Watch below to see Reason 9 in action.


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