Takamine Introduce Four New Acoustic Guitars

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Takamine Introduce Four New Acoustic Guitars

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“All four of our new guitars for Summer 2016 have special qualities,” says Tom Watters, Director of Product Development for Takamine. “None of them are run-of-the-mill instruments. Takamine has guitars for every kind of player, from solo singer-songwriters to players in world-renowned bands on international tours. Each guitar has unique aspects that make them perfect for the job at hand.”


The four guitars introduced were the EF75M TT, CP771MC SB, CP400NYK and EF7M-LS, all of which are unique in different ways.


The EF75M TT is an addition to the ‘TT Series’ introduced in 2015 and a ‘rethinking’ of the EF75S, which was in production from 2005-2007. It uses Takamine’s Thermal Top technology, in which the wood of the guitar top is baked in an oxygen-free environment which provides a sound similar to that of a vintage instrument.


The CP771MC SB is the only cutaway of the lot and is also the darkest in colour. The guitar is constructed completely of American mahogany, and with a satin shadow burst finish and ebony fingerboard, it is quite an impressive looking guitar. It is packed with Takamine’s legendary CTP-3 CoolTube electronics.


For a ‘syrup-sweet sound’, Takamine introduced the CP400NYK, a limited-run New Yorker guitar with a solid cedar top and Hawaiian koa back and sides. The warm sound is surprising for the size of the guitar, and comes from the bridge of the guitar being located in the sweet spot of the soundboard.


The EF7M-LS is the last of the lot, and is made of a Lutz spruce top, and Indian rosewood back and sides, which means the sound is dynamic and forgiving. This axe is fitted with TLD-2 electronics for easy transitioning from the bedroom to the stage.


For more information on the range of Takamine guitars, visit Pro Music Australia.