PreSonus roll out Studio One 4.6

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PreSonus roll out Studio One 4.6

Available as a free download for registered Studio One users, Version 4.6 features a new and improved Browser to view and preview downloaded and purchasable content with a single click. The Browser also boasts a new Gallery view to let you navigate your plugins, Exchange, Soundcloud and Shop content in a more fluid and visual manner. 



One of the major features of the new update includes the third-generation of Ampire’s State Space Modeling amplifier plugin, adding five new classic amps and stompboxes to your production arsenal. There’s a new tuner function to make sure you’re playing on pitch, as well as five additional IR cabinet models for faithful guitar recording. These include models of industry-standard high-gain and clean amps, as well as emulations of classic chorus, delay and distortion stompboxes, making Studio One more friendly for fretboard enthusiasts than ever before. 


There’s also improvements to Studio One’s arranging and pattern editing features, including the ability to convert Instrument Parts to Patterns in order to create variations to spice up monotonous drum grooves. Note lengths in Patterns can be extended beyond a single step to create inventive basslines and melodic sequences, which works in either Melodic or Drum Pattern modes.



Finally, PreSonus have tweaked Exchange 2.0 to make their landing page more user friendly and enhance collaborative efforts. It’s a fairly extensive update, and offers a lot to producers who use Studio One as a creative tool as much as an arrangement platform. 


PreSonus is distributed in Australia via Link Audio