MXR debut the Clone looper pedal

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MXR debut the Clone looper pedal

Boasting a whopping six minutes of record time, the Clone also allows for unlimited overdubs and features an intuitive flashing four-count ahead of each loop to keep you on the grid. It’s also got a storage sample rate of 88.2kHz, with an analogue through-path to keep your dry signal nice and pure. There’s also the option to flick between buffered and true bypass, if you please. 



In the control department, the Clone keeps things pretty cruisy with dual footswitches for play/stop and red/dub, as well as a volume control and inputs for an expression pedal or footswitch, which can be set up in Play Loop Once mode – perfect for Bloc Party-esque stuttering effects. MXR have also added a nifty reverse and double-speed function to the unit, which Line 6 DL4 users know as being a great hack to double your loop time. 


With an international release date pencilled in for October 1, I’m sure the Clone will be a hit with a lot of players – that count in feature is a killer idea!


Head to Australasian Music Supplies for more details.