Korg officially unveil the Nu:Tekt NTS-1 Digital Synth Kit

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Korg officially unveil the Nu:Tekt NTS-1 Digital Synth Kit

Decked out with a touch-strip ribbon keyboard, the Nu:Tekt squeezes a ‘Minilogue inspired’ oscillator into a tiny little box to offer users a whole world of fun. Given its association with the ‘Logue’ series, the Nu:Tekt is also compatible with the ‘Logue SDK’, meaning it can run any algorithims created for the Minilogue XD or Prologue Multi-Engine oscillator. 



With triangle, square, sawtooth and VPM waveforms, the Nu:Tekt boasts three control knobs and a row of buttons to work your way through its sounds, with an LED display assisting with deep diving into the unit. It’s also got an arpeggiator function with a range of modes and scales, as well as modulation, reverb and delay effects, while a multi-mode filter, an envelope and three LFOs also add to the package. 



To connect to other devices or power, the little synth kit has MIDI In, Audio In and Sync In/Out, and is powered via USB. The best thing about the Korg Nu:Tekt, however, is that you’ve got to put it together all by yourself! Korg say that the kit is easy to assemble and requires no soldering or technical ability – think of it as a synth Lego kit. With Christmas only a matter of months away, I’m sure this one will be on a lot of musician’s lists. 


Read more about the Nu:Tekt over at Korg’s website