Mooer Spill Their Most Original Pedal To Date

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Mooer Spill Their Most Original Pedal To Date

liquid phaser.jpg

Creating a world of its own, the newest announcement from Mooer reaches new heights; from subtle vintage swirls to extreme modulation. Offering five different effects, the new Liquid Phaser gives a trio of waveforms (round, triangular and square) to help adjust the sweep – which only scratches the surface of what can be achieved.

Being the size that it is, the Mooer Liquid Phaser uses only one control knob to assist in tweaking the phase, with its functionality dependent on what mode it is set to. Relying on depth, the pedal’s function can also adjust the Q value, feedback and Q+ feedback, which seems to be a free-flowing idea at Mooer.


Mooer have now unleashed a massive catalogue of mini-pedals for fans and tone-seekers to feed off, the latest addition only provokes more intrigue as the Liquid Phaser acts on its own and does not appear to be based off any previous pedal.


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