Cordoba Add C9-E To Luthier Series

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Cordoba Add C9-E To Luthier Series


The C9-E features a fan bracing pattern, which gives the center of the soundboard more surface area
 to vibrate and respond to the tension of the strings.
 A more responsive soundboard makes the guitar louder, and provides better tone.


The C9-E is the perfect choice for the serious classical guitarist, or for any player looking to upgrade to a concert-level instrument at an affordable price. The inclusion of the Fishman Sonitone pickup on the C9-E allows for easy amplification.

Like every guitar in the Luthier series, the
 C9-E is built with Spanish heel construction, where the top of the guitar is attached to the neck, the sides are added next, and the guitar’s body is sealed by the installation of the back. This construction feature allows the entire instrument to vibrate as one unified piece.


Aesthetic touches like the mother-of-pearl weave rosette inspired by a 1920’s Domingo Esteso guitar add a touch of vintage elegance. Other premium features include a rosewood fingerboard, rosewood bridge, high gloss finish, and Savarez Cristal Corum strings.


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