JHS Releases The Cheese Ball Fuzz Pedal

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JHS Releases The Cheese Ball Fuzz Pedal

Now, JHS’s Josh Scott has attemped to replicate the original circuit and release it as the JHS Cheese Ball Fuzz. With original Big Cheese’s getting sold for big money, the Cheese Ball could be the answer to all your prayers. 



Deciding not to rely on any schemtics floating around online, Scott built the pedal by tracing the original circuity to recreate the Lovetone Big Cheese as authentically as he could. 


The JHS Cheese Ball features a four-way selector switch, allowing you to choose from four spluttery fuzz and distrortion settings, and the sound can be adjusted by the Tone, Volume and Gain controls. 


Check out the demo video below:



Hopefully the JHS Cheese Ball does justice to the original Big Cheese. 


Visit the JHS Pedals website for more information.