Flux Effects Set To Unveil Stereo Analog Delay

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Flux Effects Set To Unveil Stereo Analog Delay

Flux Analog Delay.jpg

it was officially announced at the Signal Chain launch event in 2014, delays has seen the preliminary design for the
 Stereo Analog Delay take over a year to


The Stereo Analog Delay will feature
 600ms delay, tap tempo with 5 tap-
divisions, modulated repeats with speed
and intensity, complete tone control of repeats as well as MIDI capability.


That isn’t all though, Flux Effects have promised that this pedal will also include features that are yet to be seen in an analog delay pedal, however they are not revealing details until closer to the release.


The main challenge that Flux Effects had with the pedal design was fitting all of the circuitry in their standard enclosure size. The team described the task as “like a puzzle”, however with the design now finalised, prototypes will start to be produced and we can expect to see this pedal hit the market in the near future. 


For more details, head to signalchain.com.au.