Earthquaker Combine Delay and Reverb With Avalanche Run

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Earthquaker Combine Delay and Reverb With Avalanche Run


Released after almost three months since the announcement, fans of Earthquaker are pleased to see how the Avalanche Run has turned out. Combining both delay and reverb, the two effects naturally intertwine and give the player even more texture and depth then on their own.


The Avalanche Run pedal combines six delay modes, with a built-up three-seconds of delay time. The delay has a natural spur and gives the player a tap tempo function to play in time with Earthquakers first DSP-powered plate style reverb section.

The Avalanche’s purpose is to build a sonic-wall of multi-sectioned soundscapes. The pedal delivers a powerful and effortless flow of synonymous delay and reverb which is fitted with a three-way switch, that allows a reverse delay and swell reverb setting.The pedal is perfect for large atmospheric, ambient, post-rock psychedelic guitar playing, and emerges as an instant favourite when used.


To see the Avalanche Run pedal in action, watch below.


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