Waves Are Bringing ‘3D Sound’ To Your Crappy Headphones

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Waves Are Bringing ‘3D Sound’ To Your Crappy Headphones

waves nx.jpg

Waves Nx is an application that you install on your desktop computer or mobile device. Once the application is installed, Nx recreates – on any set of headphones – the same three-dimensional experience as listening to sound in the real world.


Waves Nx personalizes the 3D audio experience to your physical movement in space by tracking your head movements wherever you go. Nx does this using either your computer’s camera or the Nx Head Tracker, a compact Bluetooth device that latches on to your headphones and follows your head movements in all directions.


The system is supposed to recreate real time sounds that you would hear in every day life. The head movement is vital to the technology. For example: when you tilt your head, the sound from your headphones will react to this and change the position of the sound to your direction.


Waves Nx is now being peddled on Kickstarter and is well on its way to achieving its goal. The cheapest pledge starts at $69 while the retail price for the gear is estimated to be around $99.  


For more details, head to the Waves NX Kickstarter Page.