Chase Bliss Audio introduces Dark World dual-channel reverb

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Chase Bliss Audio introduces Dark World dual-channel reverb

The new pedal is a collaboration between small pedal-specialists Cooper FX and Keeley Electronics, emulating their own pre-existing models to put two and two together in one digital package. Cooper FX have taken their well-received VCR-emulating Generation Loss and Outward designs for the ‘Dark’ channel, while Keeley’s more traditional reverb takes centre stage in the ‘World’ channel, with hall, plate and spring algorithms.


Where it gets really exciting is when the two channels combine into the ‘Dark World’, offering a rich range of timbres including broken cassette, glitch shimmer and infinite freeze. Chase Bliss Audio have offered a few demos showing the span of sounds and tones below:



As per standard, Chase Bliss Audio’s Dark World is fitted with deep digital control and full MIDI support, plus dip switches and preset implementation.


Chase Bliss Audio are distributed in Australia through Gladesville Guitar Factory.