Behringer unveil new Korg MonoPoly synth clone

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Behringer unveil new Korg MonoPoly synth clone

Released in 1981 and finding fans among the likes of Depeche Mode, The Chemical Brothers and MGMT, Korg’s MonoPoly is a true ’80s analogue icon. It’s renowned for its roaring leads and smooth pads, and holds up as one of Korg’s most loved synths from the era. 


Behringer’s new 37-key take on the MonoPoly retains most of the original’s features, and for the most part, is a faithful tribute to the Korg classic. It features an all-analogue signal path with four multi-wave VCOs, a 24dB filter, VCA and filter envelopes and dual LFOs. There’s also pulse-width modulation and oscillator detuning, as well as a cross modulation and sync effects section, as well as the original Chord Memory function and arpeggiator. 


It’s cool to see Behringer staying faithful to the layout of the OG MonoPoly, and the addition of CV patch points, MIDI I/O and Thru on the back of the unit make it easy to implement with modern hardware. Behringer have also shared a demonstration of the unit, which you can check out below. It sounds like a killer unit, and is almost certain to be a hit among synth heads looking for true analogue tone without blowing the bank. 



For Australian orders and questions about availability, get in touch with Australis Music.