Moog announce the Subharmonicon semi-modular polyrhythmic synthesiser

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Moog announce the Subharmonicon semi-modular polyrhythmic synthesiser

The Subharmonicon was actually released in limited quantities as a Moogfest exclusive a few years back, and has since existed in scarcity, occasionally popping up on the web for exorbitant prices to tease us with its existence. Now, Moog have given the unit a widespread release, and are billing the unit as the ultimate companion for Mother 32 and DFAM operators. 



Inspired by Joseph Schillinger’s use of mathematical methods for experimental music composition, the Subharmonicon is a polyrhythmic synth that uses ratios to simultaneously control the timing of its Rhythm Generators and the tuning of its Subharmonic Oscillators. Somehow, the ratios ensure that everything stays in pitch and in time, letting you perform stuttered sounds, pitch-shifted icy arpeggios and all kinds of odd bleep bloops. 


With two VCOs, four Subharmonic Oscillators, two four-step Sequencers and four Rhythm Generators, the Subharmonicon can also be patched further for even crazier synth sounds, and there’s even options to quantize the polyrhythms or just let them go crazy on their own. It’s a really hard to explain what this synth does and not come across as an absolute dweeb, but it sounds truly wonderful, and is definitely one of the most unique synths to have been released on the market recently. 


Listen to the introduction video below. Moog have also fleshed out their YouTube channel with plenty of videos and tutorials diving right into the Subharmonicon, including the one below featuring electronic music pioneer Suzanne Ciani. We strongly suggest watching them all.



Get in touch with Innovative Music for all questions about the Subharmonicon’s availability in Australia.