A Look At Ninevolt’s ‘Fishing Is As Fun As Fuzz’ Pedal

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A Look At Ninevolt’s ‘Fishing Is As Fun As Fuzz’ Pedal


There are thousands of them out there, each with their own unique nuances and character. For some pedal makers, innovation is the driving factor to break new tonal ground. For 
others serviceability and reliability is the idea behind
the genesis of a unit.


The new Ninevolt series of pedals 
sits somewhere in between these two extremes, offering users a range of rich malleable tones that aren’t 
only reminiscent of some of history’s most celebrated
 bits of gear, but could comfortably go up against it in
 a live setting.


Take for example their fuzz pedal – ‘
Fishing is as Fun as Fuzz’. While it possesses a voice that’s uniquely its own, it does give a subtle nod to some of its famed forefathers of fuzz, perhaps most recognizably the Big Muff pi.


It’s certain to be a hit with the musician who’s looking to add a little heat to their pedalboard with a classic fuzz tone. 


For more details, head to hotapple.com.au.