Massenburg Design Works EQ now available for VST and AU formats

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Massenburg Design Works EQ now available for VST and AU formats

Words by Sam McNiece

Bringing this 15 year old plugin to a larger range of users.

George Massenburg is the creator of the parametric EQ. A lifetime of research and development has provided mix engineers the world over with stunning outcomes for their projects. His incredible namesake plugin, MDWEQ6, has introduced VST and AU formats for use with Ableton, Logic Pro and the like.

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“The MDW filter form is unique, it’s distinctively different from other digital equalisers.”

MDWEQ6 models the reciprocal filter curves from Massenburg’s industry standard GML 8200 equaliser. Utilising this creates one of the most transparent sounding EQ plugins combined with all the flexibility digital audio provides.

Version 6, released in 2020, introduced a new active spectrum display with node points to interact with this directly. Additionally new high-pass and low-pass filters were added along with higher Q shelves for sharper cuts and boosts.

High-quality audio is something Massenburg Design Works strive for. This iteration processes audio in 64-bit floating point and allows you to manipulate audio from 10Hz-41kHz with up to 5 frequency bands.

This update is pleasant news for sound engineers operating outside of Pro Tools as it can now be used with basically all DAWs.

Check out a demonstration on this killer plugin below.

Try a 30 day demo of the MDWEQ6 on their website.