Limited edition BLU DJ Mixers unveiled from MasterSounds

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Limited edition BLU DJ Mixers unveiled from MasterSounds

MasterSounds Valve 4
Words by Mixdown Staff

The limited edition run features a matte blue power-coating and featuring gold “01-15” graphics.

Known for their hand-made DJ Mixers, MasterSounds are a company pushing the boundaries of mixing, their recent flagship Valve range of mixers speaking to this ethos.

To celebrate being “15 years deep” into the company, MasterSounds have unveiled a limited edition run of BLU DJ Mixers, finished in a matte blue power-coating and featuring gold “01-15” graphics, the entire Mk 2 range receiving the special treatment, but limited in numbers.

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MasterSounds Mk2 mixers are available in either four or two channel configurations, all of the BLU range with a matching FX unit. You can purchase Radius 2 & FX BLU, Radius 4 and FX BLU, Two (channel) Valve MK2 & FX, Four (channel) Valve MK2 & FX, but get in quick! All of these are built to MasterSounds founder Ryan Shaw’s exacting specifications.

The Valve series of mixers are powered by dual triode valves at their input stage, hence the name, while their Radius series are a more simplified design, though still being hand-built in small batches.

MasterSounds turntable

Not content with mixers, MasterSounds have extended the limited edition finish to their turntables as well, though in very very limited numbers. MasterSounds produce the SL-1200MK2 and SL-1210MK2, that feature LinearPOWER power supply upgrade, advanced straight tonearm.

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