Baby Audio announce BA-1 Expansion Packs

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Baby Audio announce BA-1 Expansion Packs

BA-1 Expansion
Words by Mixdown staff

Today sees the announcement of BA-1’s expansion packs, their GUI paying homage to some more famous video game cartridges of the 90s.

We’re big fans of Baby Audio here at Mixy, having reviewed much of their suite of plugins, as well as the more recently released BA-1 Synthesizer Plugin. The BA-1 encapsulates much of the famous synthesized sounds that we known and love from the 80s and 90s, whether they’re overt sawtooth sounds stealing the limelight or subtle, more subdued sounds that add texture, depth and space to an arrangement.

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The expansion packs build on the presets and sounds that are included with BA-1 already, each of the four expansions including an additional 64 presets.

The Neon Black expansion was built in collaboration with film composer Matt Bowdler (The Unfinished) and is a “dark retro synth score” for fans of John Carpenter-esque horror soundtracks.

City Pop Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 are the next two expansions, both paying homage to the unique Japanese synth sounds of the 80s and 90s. Vol. 1 aims to remind us of Tokyo in the 80s, while Vol. 2 explores JPOP and Kawaii sounds for more bubbly presets.

Finally, Electro Elixir is the ultimate 80s dance synth expansion, created by Bastiaan Barth and reminiscent of Kraftwerk inspired sounds.

The BA-1 expansion packs are available now for an intro sale price of $19USD, or $29USD for the full bundle.