Victorian Labour debating to change Australia Day to May 9

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Victorian Labour debating to change Australia Day to May 9

As The Guardian reports, party sources have confirmed that discussions are ramping up within the Labor party about changing the date — with a resolution noting that the current date of January 26 is “offensive to Indigenous people”.


A draft resolution that has begun circulating says: “The state conference notes that 9 May could be an alternative date of national celebration as 9 May 1901 marks the date of the first meeting of the Commonwealth Parliament, the day upon which Australia became a self-governing and independent commonwealth; and the date is associated with the inauguration of the Commonwealth on 1 January 1900 whereupon Australia became an independent democratic nation.”


For the record, Labor leader Bill Shorten still refuses to publically acknowledge support for changing the date. 


Political pressure has been steadily mounting for government to re-assess the date of Australia Day. Last year, Yarra City council moved to cease holding citizenship ceremonies on January 26, along with Darebin Council


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Via Beat Magazine.