Roland & UMG bring new principles for the use of AI in music

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Roland & UMG bring new principles for the use of AI in music

Roland AI
Words by Mixdown staff

Roland and UMG hope to spur the involvement of additional music organizations and stakeholders in support of these principles to help create an ethical framework for musical creativity to flourish and be protected for generations to come.

Roland Corporation, the culture-defining maker of electronic musical instruments, and Universal Music Group (UMG), the world leader in music-based entertainment, today announced a strategic relationship in support of music artists and creators worldwide. United by a mutual desire for clarity of direction and intention to the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in music creation, the partnership involves the exploration of innovation sitting at the cross-section of music and technology.

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Roland and UMG have published Principles for Music Creation with AI (, a series of clarifying statements relating to the responsible use of AI in music creation, and will advocate their adoption across the music industry and creative community. The principles highlight the opportunity for innovation with AI in music production, composition, and songwriting while underscoring the need for transparency, equity, and community involvement.

The core Principles for Music Creation with AI are as follows, in their own words:

  • We believe music is central to humanity.
  • We believe humanity and music are inseparable.
  • We believe that technology has long enabled human artistic expression, and applied sustainably, AI will amplify human creativity.
  • We believe that human-created works must be respected and protected.
  • We believe that transparency is essential to responsible and trustworthy AI.
  • We believe the perspectives of music artists, songwriters, and other creators must be sought after and respected.
  • We are proud to help bring music to life.

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