Victoria comes out on top in Live Performance Australia report

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Victoria comes out on top in Live Performance Australia report

The 2017 Ticket Attendance & Revenue report found that more than 23 million Australians attended live events with over $1.88 billion generated through ticket sales. This is a 23 percent growth in attendance compared to 2016 figures. 


“Not only do the overall numbers show double-digit growth, it’s great to see revenue and attendance growth in all Australia states and territories,” said LPA Chief Executive Evelyn Richardson.


“For the first time, Victoria takes the mantle of having the largest industry share for ticket sales revenue and attendance. Record revenue of $639 million (up 45 percent) and attendances of 7.4 million (up 35 percent) were driven by growth in major contemporary music concerts, musicals, circus and theatre.”


In 2017, Victoria held 31 percent of revenue when in reference to contemporary music, and 35 percent of revenue of circus and physical theatre. These two categories are the largest contributors to the record-breaking report. 


Victoria experienced a 35 percent rise in attendance, and a 45 percent rise in revenue from 2016 to 2017. This is a huge increase when compared to the 0.8 percent rise in revenue experienced from 2015 until 2016. 


Read the full report via Live Performance Australia.


Image via Madeleine Ragsdale.