The Australian government has announced $10 million in funding for Support Act

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The Australian government has announced $10 million in funding for Support Act

The package will also inject $10 million into Regional Arts Australia’s Arts Fund to assist with smaller and rural communities, as well as $7 million for Indigenous arts centres. Considering the amount of people in our industry who have lost work and been forced to turn to Support Act, this package could be vital in upholding the collective mental state of the music and arts sector – they’ve already raised $400,000 through the COVID-19 Emergency Appeal.


Support Act’s CEO Clive Miller has stated that the $10 million will go towards recruiting new counsellors and expanding their counselling services, as well as providing much-needed resources to music workers. APRA AMCOS CEO Dean Ormston also commented on the federal government’s package, saying that “The Australian Government’s commitment of $10 million for Support Act comes at a critical time for many individuals hardest hit by the COVID-19 crisis.


“The introduction of necessary restrictions on public gatherings in March due to the pandemic has had a profound and immediate impact on the music industry. This has been devastating for hundreds of thousands of artists, musicians, songwriters, crew, managers and workers across the local industry.”


“Not many people realise the Australian music sector contributes over $15 billion of value to the local community, providing vital commercial, individual and civic benefits,” he added.  “This is not to mention the joy that people here and around the world derive from Australian music whether it’s live venues, on radio, in nightclubs, at festivals, on screen or through streaming services.”


“The complexity and depth of the industry that delivers this music includes thousands of businesses, large and small across the nation, that keep the engine running in one of Australia’s most innovative and exciting industries.”


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