Sampa The Great announced as 2019 Australian Music Prize winner

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Sampa The Great announced as 2019 Australian Music Prize winner

The victory marks Sampa The Great’s second time winning an Australian Music Prize following her 2017 Birds & The BEE9 win, and also makes her the first artist to ever receive two awards in its 15 year history – not a bad flex at all. 


In a statement, Sampa celebrated the win by thanking the AMP for their support of The Return despite its non-commercial nature, as well as shouting out executive producer Silent J and others who worked on the record. 



The Return was not written for radio play or commercial appeal. It was written to bring to light the journey of a person who began her career in a country far away from home. It was to bring to light the sense of displacement felt in that journey and in a global sense throughout the world. It allowed me to tell my full story – without having it told for me.


“I thank the AMP for looking at solely the music and judging only that. As in this day and age it seems that is not the norm. I would like to thank everyone behind The Return. The executive producer of The Return, Silent J. The community within the music. The authors behind the soul of the music. My parents and my family.”


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