COVID-19 outbreak sees income loss of over $25m for Australian music industry

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COVID-19 outbreak sees income loss of over $25m for Australian music industry, which was launched over the weekend by the Australia Festivals Association and Australian Music Industry Network, have accumulated data from over 80,000 event workers and musicians around Australia who have lost work due to cancelled performances, festivals and other events both domestically and abroad.

So far, the website has reported a massive $25m in lost income from this sector – and unfortunately, this sum is expected to grow larger as the full extent of the pandemic unfurls. It’s obviously a huge blow for the already-fragile industry, which only recently donated so much time and money to assist with bushfire relief effort, and given the government’s recent ban on gatherings of over 500 people and push for social distancing measures to be enacted, it looks like it’ll be a tough time for many of us. 


In a statement shared today, both organisations shared their reasons for setting up the website, and have said that they’re actively working to support those who have been affected by loss of income throughout this period of time. 


“The Australian Music Industry Network and the Australian Festivals Association have joined with major industry partners to measure the depth of these impacts on Australians – and to hear your stories. We’re working hard to find ways to support people and businesses who have been affected. We are calling on the industry to record these details so we can get an accurate picture of the impact and connect with those who’re suffering to inform them about funding opportunities and other support avenues.


“We know everyone is living in a state of uncertainty, but our industry is not only a considerable employer and economic contributor, but it also helps bring people happiness and connection in times of crisis.


“We understand the importance of social distancing in the management of this health crisis. What we need to ensure is that our industry has every chance to rebuild when we all come out of the other end.”


Head to I Lost My Gig to submit your details or seek assistance today.