Kingswood rally for public support following gear theft

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Kingswood rally for public support following gear theft

Although the incident occured almost two months ago, the band broke the news to the public last night in a video posted to their social media channels. The video shows security camera footage of three shady bandits staggering out of their Collingwood studio with armfuls of gear, as well as laptops containing unreleased music and the inexplicable bounty of a cactus lamp – of all things. 


Amongst the stolen items are three of Kingswood’s most prized guitars, which the band claim “made the first two albums what they are” – a Gibson VOS ’58 Les Paul with humbuckers, a Gibson VOS ’56 Les Paul Goldtop with dual P90s and a beaten up black Fender Stratocaster with a distinctive relic job. The band claim that police have traced the crook’s activity to Melbourne’s Western suburbs, and believe that the guitars may pop up in pawn shops in the city and around the Footscray and Sunshine areas. 



Check out the video above. If you’ve got any juicy details or hot leads, make sure to get in touch with the band at [email protected] or hit up Crime Stoppers and quote ‘Kingswood Band Robbery.’ Gear thieves suck, and this band definitely does not, so let’s rally behind the boys and help bring their babies home. 



In other news, Kingswood release their new single ‘Say You Remember’ next Friday – pre-save it here.