Artists earned over $11 million from Bandcamp sales on Friday

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Artists earned over $11 million from Bandcamp sales on Friday

The US-based music platform announced the total sum in a post to their website this morning, confirming that USD $7.1 million (which rounds out to $11 million Aussie dollarydoos) was spent on music and merch on the site in the 24 hour window from May 1. It sets a new sales record for Bandcamp, and overpassed their last revenue waiver in March by over $4 million (over $2.8 million USD).


Bandcamp’s first revenue waiver saw the site attract more than 15 times the usual amount of sales for a typical Friday, with roughly 800,000 items being purchased across the site. The website also states that in the past 30 days that fans have paid artists over $22.9 million (USD), which goes to show that a little bit extra really does go a long way.



Bandcamp will be continuing their fee waiving for an extra two days in June and July, with the practice being applied on the first Friday of each month. For Australian readers, you can get in on the action from 5pm EST to make sure your favourite acts reap the benefits of your purchases. It really does make a difference for so many artists out there, and it’s a great initiative to get onboard with for any music lover. 


Keep your eyes peeled to Bandcamp for more news.