Triple J Unearthed is giving out grants to emerging artists hit by COVID-19

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Triple J Unearthed is giving out grants to emerging artists hit by COVID-19

A statement released today explains the grant was designed as a direct response to the “unprecedented impact of COVID-19 on the Australian music community,” with Triple J Unearthed also pinpointing the need to help Aussie musicians “build a sustainable career and continue to create incredible local content.”



The Unearthed Level Up scheme will offer 15 grants with up to $7000 available in funding, which have each been designated for artists working in different genres or from disadvantaged backgrounds. There’ll be five dedicated grants for five artists who classify in the categories of Band, Solo, Hip Hop, Heavy and Producers/Electronic, as well as two grants for Indigenous artists. The scheme will also provide a grant to an artist based in a regional area of each Australian state or territory.


Triple J Unearthed have stated that the grants are able to be spent across “multiple facets of the artist’s career development”, which could include anything from studio expenses, video production, instruments, promotional endeavours, touring and more. To be in the running, you’ve got to have at least one song up on Unearthed – so if you’re not already uploading your music there, now’s a pretty good chance to jump onboard. 


Applications are open from today, and you’ve got until midnight on Sunday June 7 to get all your paperwork in. Head to the Triple J Unearthed website to find out more and apply. 


While you’re there, make sure to enter the Unearthed DIY Supergroup Loop competition as well!