Here’s everything new to Line 6’s Helix 3.0 firmware update

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Here’s everything new to Line 6’s Helix 3.0 firmware update

Words by Will Brewster

It's one of the company's biggest updates ever.

Helix users, you’re in for a treat: Line 6 has today announced a massive new firmware update for its range of guitar processors.

Available for their Helix Floor, Helix LT, Helix Rack, HX effects and HX Stomp models, Helix 3.0 brings a whole swathe of updated content, including two new amps, 16 effects, two cabinets and a bunch of performance tweaks to Line 6’s modelling system, giving users access to more tones than ever before.

These new additions include the US Princess and Das Benzin Lead amps, based on the Fender Princeton and Diesel VH4 respectively, as well as two Princeton cabs: one based on the original 1×10, and another based around a 1×12 Alnico Blue speaker.

There’s also a number of effects modelled on classic units from EHX and Boss, including an emulation of the Boss AC-2 Acoustic Simulator and HM-2 Heavy Metal stompbox and a recreation of the coveted ’73 Ram’s Head Big Muff, plus emulations of the Horizon Devices Precision Drive, Jordan Boss Tone and Euthymia fuzz pedals.

Line 6 have also added a number of newly designed effects to Helix 3.0, including five dedicated pitch-shifting effects, a Glitch Delay and a Shuffling Looper that automatically slices and arranges your loops to create polyrhythmic textures in a manner similar to Chase Bliss’s Blooper pedal.

Other new tweaks to Helix 3.0 include the ability to store a Favourite model list, save default settings for all blocks and more, while the HX Stomp pedal features an extra two blocks, taking the total block count up to eight.

“Helix 3.0 is one of the biggest firmware updates Line 6 has ever developed for any product,” Eric Klein, Chief Product Design Architect at Line 6, said of the company’s new firmware update.

“It cements our dedication to the Helix platform and ushers in all new amps, effects, and features we didn’t even know Helix was capable of when it was first released.”

Find out more about Helix 3.0 via Line 6 today.