Gibson Guitars donates guitars to National School of Arts in Cuba

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Gibson Guitars donates guitars to National School of Arts in Cuba

Gibson Guitars Gibson Gives
Words by Mixdown Staff

Gibson Gives, the philanthropic arm of Gibson–the iconic American instrument brand–donated 52 guitars, gear, and equipment to benefit students attending the National School of Arts in Cuba.

GibsonGives, the philanthropic arm of Gibson–the iconic American instrument brand–donated 52 guitars, gear, and equipment to benefit students attending the National School of Arts in Cuba.

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Access to even simple musical supplies such as guitar strings is limited in Cuba. Gibson provided 100 sets of guitar strings, guitar picks, and 52 Epiphone acoustic guitars to the 21 music education programs through the National School of Arts. Students and representatives of Havana elementary schools and conservatories were on hand for the gifting and celebration. Additionally, Gibson will donate 100 more Epiphone guitars to the school in the coming months.

“We have expanded our global growth at Gibson Gives over the past year, reaching corners of the globe we never thought possible,” says Dendy Jarrett, Executive Director of Gibson Gives. “After two years of negotiations, we are excited to bring music and much-needed gear for the first time to youth in the music and art schools who have limited supplies. Cuban music and songwriting have such a rich music history and a global impact; we are thrilled to be a small part of ensuring this tradition continues to thrive with the next generation.”

For this donation, Gibson partnered with Gibson Gives Goodwill Ambassador Derek Walker, who delivered the instruments and gear onsite. Also on hand for the reception was Zulema Armas, Deputy Director of Communication and International Relations of the National Center of Art Schools, who stated, “By putting musical instruments such as these high-quality guitars in the hands of our aspiring artists, you are also contributing to the development of young talent that will go on to perform on the main stages in the future, making the world a more beautiful place with their creative and vital force.”

Gibson Guitars National School of Arts in Cuba

Songwriting students at the National School of Arts in Cuba enjoy their new Epiphone acoustic guitars.

“I remain grateful to Gibson for seeing and believing in my initial vision to donate guitar picks and strings to students in Cuba,” adds Derek Walker. “In less than a year, I am amazed that we were able to donate Epiphone guitars to 21 music schools throughout Cuba. Gibson Gives Cuba is a demonstration that with vision, tenacity, and helping hands, we have moved mogotes (mountains)! I remain speechless to describe what Gibson has accomplished with Gibson Gives Cuba, and the smiles on the students’ faces show how music can enrich different cultures. Art, culture, and music…Cuba has it all.”

“Our country will always be grateful to those who decide to help and build bridges of hope through art and music,” added Lianys Torres Rivera, Head of the Cuban Diplomatic Mission in the U.S. “The Gibson Gives Foundation has achieved an amazing goal in Cuba. It was able to bring to our country guitars for music students in Havana and Pinar del Rio.”

About Gibson Gives:

For over 130 years, the iconic American instrument brand Gibson has been shaping sound across generations and genres. Gibson and its charitable arm Gibson Gives, believe in the power of music and that getting instruments into the hands of those with a desire to make music is a life-changing event. Gibson Gives–a 501(c)(3), is committed to making the world a better place by supporting non-profit organizations in their efforts to advance musicians, youth-focused education, music, and wellness initiatives. 100% of all donations to and from Gibson Gives go towards giving the gift of music. In the last three years, Gibson Gives has raised over $3.5 million dollars worldwide through its mission. Gibson Gives believes investing in music education will yield better people, better leaders, and a better world. Gibson Gives is changing lives…one guitar at a time.

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